Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fondant Roses | My Attempts On Gumpaste And Fondant Roses | Sugar Paste Roses

Roses! Aren't they beautiful!! And trying hands on making roses using fondant is a dream to many. And ever since I started making fondant cakes I've been keenly interested in trying them <3 So here's a compilation of some roses I've made till date, right from my first attempt :) 

So. here's my first attempt!! The No Tool Fondant Rose, my very first attempt! With homemade fondant. Had a lot of flaws but I was soooooo much happy about its outcome!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Birthday Cake For Brother | Fondant Cake For Boys | 20th Birthday Cake

This one was a little challenging cake, as I had to make a lot of models within a short period of time. Challenges are hard but don't we love it? One of the cakes where I got a lot of appreciation both from the client and friend side. There was a swimmer in action, shuttle racket, mobile phone, whole roasted chicken, a pug dog and a Facebook icon. Every single model was challenging yet I loved crafting them :) This was for a brother's birthday ordered by his loving sister with all things associated to him. 

Toy Cupcake Toppers | Cupcakes Ideas For Kids | 3d Cupcake Toppers | Train Car Star Ball Fondant Cupcake Toppers

This set of bournville chocolate cupcakes were for a little kiddo just to bring a glee on his face. Few of his favorites where made as toppers. There's a fondant toy car, toy train, stars and a ball atop the cupcakes, all made with fondant to excite the kid. All the models were crafted free hand with minimal tools and no moulds were used. Here are pictures for you to have a look!

And to learn how to make the toy train check out this tutorial!

How To Make A Fondant Train | Stepwise Pictorial | Fondant Train Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Here's how to make a cute little fondant train to use as your cupcake or cake topper just scale the size according to your need. It is so easy and you do not need any specific tools to make this one. 

So here's a pictorial collage to help you make your own fondant train cupcake topper.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Minion Cake | Minion Cake & Cupcakes | Minion Fondant Cake

Minions here, minions there, minions everywhere! So it has become a very popular animated character and lately people have been in love with these yellow buddies. And I wasn't an exception, I was so longing to try the minion cakes sometime and was waiting for a chance to strike. Recently a mother asked me to bake a cake for her kiddo and she gave me full freedom to choose the theme of the cakes. I did not want to force my minion idea on her but sent her a few reference pictures with different themes and asked her to choose something from it. And guess what? She finalized the minion theme :D Happy me!